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DesktopWeb FormText   back in wisconsinSun, 29 Jan 2006 17:58:57 GMT # 

so what is odd about seattle? the most frustrating thing is the traffic ... people just drive too slow. you'd think that they'd be jacked up on coffee and speeding around in their BMWs (lots of them there) ... nope. my only guess is that they are trying to be safe in the rain, but it just rained 35 days in a row ... so it seems like they should be used to it? and the traffic lights need to be redesigned. they use a red circle to signify that you can't turn left. i'm so used to seeing red arrows everywhere else i've been, that i almost turned left when i wasn't supposed to. another time when i was not turning, saw the red circle to the side and started to stop ... bad design. then they've got these half assed crosswalk signs that light up. my brain was not trained to respond to these weak signs, so i only figured out to stop because the car beside me was stopping. they need to get rid of those and put a real light in. they've also got permanent signs to measure speed ... which need to be vandalized until they disappear. but their U turns are funny. most every place i've been just has signs that say no U turn, while i saw one that had the U turn symbol with 'OK' underneath ... too funny. then they've got some streets that have the shoulder cut way out specifically made for a U turn. what else ... coming from primarily white wisconsin, there were times where i definitely felt like the minority. even at the gym. which is the first time i've ever seen badminton being played for exercise ... that was almost surreal. but the oddest thing is that there was hardly any mention of the superbowl. while i actually lived in pittsburgh for a short time, and can assure you that if i was in pittsburgh last week instead ... then that is probably the only thing that i would have heard about.