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DesktopWeb FormText   random x360 (negative) thoughtsTue, 31 Jan 2006 05:01:33 GMT # 

actually pretty pissed right now that the x360 dashboard update stops the kiosk disk. it'd be even more frustrating if i didn't have the demos from OXM. it was kind of exciting to read what the hackers were doing with the kiosk disk. some of them were making WMV video CDs and others were getting some basic flash to work. now that its plugged, the first thought that came to mind was SONY PSP ... oh well. do you think their target market wants to stand in front of a kiosk at some store ... i don't?

the other thing thats got me disturbed was on the last podcast. he had a great interview with the guy behind xbox live arcade, but the scary quote was that big name game publishers wanted to get on arcade with 20+ titles. that'd pretty much kill the indie scene.

and then there is rumors of an xbox handheld. bet most of the xbox live arcade games could be made to run on a smaller device. that'd be pretty sweet if it also had portable media center functionality. the problem being that the current PMCs don't give 3rd party developers an entry point. that's a problem.

so i've had this mindset of MS being the SDK company, and being really open with their platforms for 3rd party developers ... but i'm starting to lose that image. is this a by-product of threat modeling and reducing surface area? because it sucks