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DesktopWeb FormText   marble blast ultraWed, 01 Feb 2006 01:56:37 GMT # 

prefer 'mutant storm reloaded' to 'geometry wars' ... but my new favorite XBLA game is 'marble blast ultra'. finished the beginner and intermediate levels under par time, but have yet to finish advanced; doubt i will ever finish all the advanced levels within par time. also have to go easter egg hunting which should extend the single player experience. hope that it can get downloadable levels in the future. but the multiplayer experience is a 'blast' ... and has validated my gold level purchase. the only other game i'd really try to play online had been PGR3 and it wasn't satisfying. there were alot of times where i was just sitting in a lobby waiting ... not to mention i would get my ass handed to me if i could get in a race. hopefully marble blast ultra can get downloadable multiplayer levels as well.

now for the ego. from the time i spent with Managed DirectX last year, i'm pretty confident i could write a game of that quality ... at least the mechanics. no way i could do the graphics, audio, or design the gameplay ... which is alot. but the game engine itself ... i think so. and that goes for most of the XBLA games. anybody ever going to even hint at Managed DirectX for XBox 360?