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DesktopWeb FormText   initial IE7 trial run ... odd stuffWed, 01 Feb 2006 03:11:33 GMT # 

went to some p0rn sites first. actually a site that provides passwords to p0rn sites. did not like how the username:password@ info was not displayed in the status bar. the href="" definitely had it specified in source so i want to see that info in the status bar (do not hide info from us). especially if i'm going to have to enter that user/pass into a media player. in the words of one of my friends (who shall remain anonymous) ... "don't interfere with the spank". lol ... i've got some great friends :) second, ink in IE was offset at first. i was writing in the top left corner, but the ink was showing up in about an inch lower and to the right? went to a diff page and came back ... and now its working fine? never had that happen in IE6. anyway, that also tested out embedded WinForms controls ... which worked fine. are there supposed to be tablet gestures in this version ... or only for Vista? third, tried a speech enabled page. it prompted me to install the SASDK ActiveX control first, and then after installing it redirected to the previous page ... that was bad. might need some more testing there. or you could make IE7 badass and make it support SALT out of the box! fourth, tried it out on MCE. doesn't seem to be interfering with any Hosted HTML applications that i've got. hopefully the MCE team will point out if IE7 effects MCE 2005 in anyway. fifth, i checked my own web page and it seems to render fine. other browsers (e.g. Opera) have problems with my jacked up use of frames and iframes. yep, i suck. oh yeah, i hate the new .mht icon. with that little feed button at the top i might have to add the auto discovery RSS link now ... will have to think about that. now i have to go find a phishing site to see if that is working. sixth, i threw in some xml files and those render as expected. but then i tried a .svg file and it shows the xml ... without the color coding. did they do that on purpose? all in all, i'm glad to have it ... but i'm not experiencing any wow factor.