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DesktopWeb FormText   x360 kiosk contentFri, 03 Feb 2006 23:23:32 GMT # 

had to kill some time at lunch, so i walked over to BestBuy. just so happened that i knew the x360 kiosk was going to have its first bit of downloadable content, so i took one of those lame 64 meg backup cards. what was cool is an MS guy was there taking the kiosk apart to put the new kiosk disk in. he spent a little time showing me the setup, downloaded the content for me, and even verified it was on the card. after that it looked like he was swapping out the controller for a new one ... possibly for the OCD people? anyway, i see why MS and its partners want to get you to the stores, but thats a big pain. i think all the kiosk content should be available for download to subscribers of xbox live gold. the gold subscription really needs more perks. and no ... i didn't get my hands on the new kiosk disk :)

oh yeah, so i've been playing marble blast ultra online for a while now and my rep doesn't seem to be going up. checking the stats, i've got no positive or negative feedback. from a podcast i thought rep was supposed to go up even if you don't get any feedback? the other thing from that podcast was to use your headset to ask people to give you good feedback ... lame.