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this is the first time i've been involved in the game console community. initial impression is a mix bag. first, news sites. reading the comments is more entertaining than informative. it's like most everybody is trying to make the wittiest fanboy remark possible. trying to find an objective answer (on topic) is more challenging. but my biggest surprise is peoples reactions to PS3 announcements. any sort of info related to PS3 features is generally disregarded across the board based on their previous marketing record. the response is pretty much i'll believe it when i see it. i'm also surprised about how tight lip Sony is about the PS3. but supposedly they were this secretive for PS2 as well? anyway, i'm used to MS being alot more open. i think of Nintendo being somewhere in between those extremes for openness and tight lipped (but Nintendo would need to add more sex and violence before i'd be interested). second, forums. really surprised by how much gamers help each other. consider it way over the top that people are making videos to share tips and strategies. some of the smart ass that is prevalant at news sites carries over to the forums, but not near as much. third, in game. have yet to have a bad online gaming session. and that's my theory, the community gets better the closer you get to the game, and vice versa