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DesktopWeb FormText   not in the mixSat, 25 Feb 2006 01:47:46 GMT # 

was thinking about entering the Mix06 contest ... until i looked at the example code. what a mess. is this really the direction that web development is heading? and for what? doesn't seem to buy you that much power for the pain. i'm pretty much disillusioned by the progress of the web overall. web services aren't even close to where i wanted them to be. e.g. the /mceVideoSearch app can't call out to UDDI to find different video search services that follow some common schema. and most of the work is geared towards end user experience instead of automation. AJAX for personalization and avoiding full page refreshes. RSS primarily for pulling to human eyes. would rather see more developer efforts going towards the Semantic Web. or at least coming up with a better dev strategy. i'm talking throwing out the current crap and starting over ... Web Enema 1.0