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DesktopWeb FormText   [book] Programming MS DirectShowSat, 25 Feb 2006 03:14:56 GMT # 

(for Digital Video and Television, 2003) have used DirectShow in a couple applications, but it has never been the 'core' of the application. i've always done just enough to get by, thinking in the back of my mind 'that i should get a better understanding'. well, this book was perfect for that. it only assumes that you have an understanding of C++. it starts out with the GraphEdit application, moves into coding simple applications, custom filters, etc... covering audio, video, digital video recorders, and television. it was a pretty quick read for me based on MS not supporting managed code for DirectShow. have used some of the 3rd party .NET wrappers with varying results. also because i'm not sure about the future of DirectShow with Vista? from the little bits i've seen, it looks like developers might end up playing 2nd class citizens to big media? anyway, i really liked this book and am sure that it will help me the next time i need to use DirectShow