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DesktopWeb FormText   MCButton?Tue, 28 Feb 2006 02:00:48 GMT # 

looking at existing stand-alone apps for MCE, while researching for /mceWorldWind, i just happened to notice an interesting pattern. a number of the MS made apps (for setting up the XBox 360) had a similar look and feel. ends up they are Win Forms with overloaded controls specific to MCE : MCButton, MCCheckBox, MCComplexListBox, MCEdit, MCListBox, MCProgress, MCProgressBar, MCRadioButton, MCTextBox. hmm ... those sound like they would come in handy! before WPF, my hope was that WinForms would become a supported MCE dev model (for full screen UI) and this is exactly the sort of model envisioned. will have to try and play around with the controls when i get a chance

also, Charlie Owen posted some screenshots of next gen dev available with the February CTP. too bad i'm holding out for Vista Beta 2

and believe it or not, i finally ordered a USB TV tuner for my MCE setup! ... you mean you can watch TV on these things? :) hopefully it will work with my lame video card :(