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DesktopWeb FormText   adaptec AVC-3610Thu, 02 Mar 2006 01:20:30 GMT # 

MCE TV tuner(s) arrived last night. ordered the adaptec AVC-3610 from Dell for about $200. so far, i'm happy with the purchase. really glad that i ordered a dual tuner setup instead of picking up a single tuner from a local store. for inputs, i'm just using cable but it supports component and s-video. also adds FM to my setup and 2 IR blasters. finally, it comes with a remote control and the base acts as an IR receiver. it connects to the computer with USB 2.0, so i've got a 26 foot cable running from it to the notebook for development.

now i've finally got a (mostly) fully functioning MCE machine to develop with. got to see 'My TV' and 'Radio' for the first time. not sure how Vista MCE is going to extend their functionality ... but i've already got like 3 new article ideas :) and now i can finally play around with the great articles that Stephen Toub has put together. but my setup is still crippled. still cannot view video on my notebook, but have to use the XBox 360 Extender instead. nor can i hook the notebook directly up to a TV. really needed to do this for /mceWorldWind to see how it scales on a big screen. e.g. if the MenuBar is usable and if the font is somewhat readable?

just waiting for some more dual core notebooks to hit the streets. my current dream notebook is 64 bit dual core. 17 inch screen. 2 gigs of RAM. GPU. 2 internal hard drives. bluetooth. MCE receiver. s-video out. dual TV tuners. so i think all of the above is reasonable, and i could probably find today. but i still want more! i also want it to have a digitizer built-in for tablet development and ultimately be able to support CableCards. but i'm assuming i won't be able to find something like that until after Vista is released :( by then i'll be wanting a device with SideShow and 802.11n too :)