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DesktopWeb FormText   RDS/RDBS and MCESat, 04 Mar 2006 03:50:48 GMT # 

this was my latest idea to be killed. the TV tuner i just got for MCE included an FM tuner. so i tried out the 'Radio' functionality and thought it was lacking. e.g. some car radios (iPods too?) can display the stations nick, the currently playing song and artist (for some stations). this feature is called RDS/RBDS (Radio Data System). it also has the ability to provide weather data, traffic info, etc. thought it would be kind of cool to include that in MCE. my hope was that RDS could be pulled from insignificant bits in the audio stream, but it happens sooner than that. it happens during demodulation at the FM tuner. about the only way i could make this happen is to get closer to special hardware and replace much of what the FM tuner does, or require people to have an FM tuner that is RDS capable (with API). but there is no standard API, so it would only work with a specific device. so my hope would be that MS provides some standard RDS API for USB FM tuner manufacturers to build to. also that USB FM tuner manufacturers would integrate RDS. ... so at least there is internet radio