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DesktopWeb FormText   wireless bluesTue, 07 Mar 2006 03:18:31 GMT # 

current network is mostly 802.11G, with some A capable network cards. G doesn't work so great with streaming Media Center Live/Recorded TV to the XBox 360. attempted to bump up my local wireless with the Linksys WRT55AG for A/G. the setup was simple and quick. but the overall performance wasn't great. 802.11A helped a little but i still get some skipping ... which isn't acceptable. and the range for G was worse than my old router. then i looked into upgrading the antennas. ends up one antenna is for A and the other is for G, and neither can be upgraded. suck ... so i returned it ...

... for a Netgear RangeMax 240 MIMO. its setup was slow and buggy. i had to manually enter one setup url that got stuck. then it will not let the XBox 360 connect. from searching around, everybody's solution has been to return it for something else. and now it looks like it screws up Skype calls too. do these guys even dogfood their own shit? so i'll be returning it tomorrow. guess i'll have to wait for one of these MIMO routers to get their act together. the corresponding Linksys seems to have the same problem with VOIP, nor is it certified with the 360 yet ...