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DesktopWeb FormText   VXML + VOIPTue, 07 Mar 2006 03:21:08 GMT # 

this gave me a hardon : Tellme Developers Launch Consumer Voice Services for Skype

how beautiful is that? what is the problem with both VoiceXml and SALT ... cost. it's not exactly cheap to get on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). there's all this freakin hardware you have to buy and maintain. but forget about PSTN and think about a VOIP Speech Server (made that up). cost could be reduced dramatically. i could basically install a VOIP Speech Server on my own server and people could voip in for free from their own computers to access SALT applications. then 3rd party providers could provide a low cost service to handle the PSTN handoff to access the service from real phones (as they are already doing today). anyway, had heard rumors that MS is working on VOIP ... so now i really hope that SALT will be in the mix