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i'm a general computing type of guy. don't like closed systems with specific hardware. just give me different hardware form factors and the proper software will flow to each. so Origami/UMPC does fill a void between PPC/SP and Tablets. 1) PocketPCs don't seem to be doing great with consumers, i.e. try to find more than a couple at BestBuy. 2) Tablet PCs have migrated from the slate vision to larger convertibles. 3) and Portable Media Centers are dead to me until they open up the platform for 3rd party development. yes, i acknowledge the OQO/Motion Computing entries, but their price point has been too high. it's also great because it pushes the power of XP to a much smaller form factor. the full .NET framework ... oh yeah. for development, it lets me think about different seamless computing experiences (somebody please make a car dock)! and it also has the potential to bridge my love for MCE and Tablets (sombody please bake in an MCE remote)! at least one has a mic array (perfect for speech dev)! see that some have a camera, how about an accelerometer? (that would be perfect for /cameraFlow Labyrinth). now the built-in stand has to go, i'll break that off in about a week. as an end user, one of these will sit on my coffee table. also see it making roadtrips and flights. was so close to buying a PSP for travel, until i heard about these. just hope they don't make man purses popular ...