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DesktopWeb FormText   UMPC and MCEFri, 10 Mar 2006 01:03:11 GMT # 

Ian Dixon wants Softsled for Origami. he actually wants more than that ... as do i :

Extended remote - this would make a bad ass remote control. first, we need a way to get the guide data over to it. for control, we can use MCE Controller over WiFi. but it would be better if it had a learning remote built-in like the MCE keyboard. to be determined if any of these devices will support multi touch input scenarios?
Portable media center - i'd like for UMPC to get a similar lightweight MCE UI like the official PMC devices have. don't just rely on XP synching abilities, give it a similar experience.
Softsled - which is a software media extender. actually, i just want softsled on any XP computer.
Interactive television - this becomes a 2nd screen for user feedback. e.g. play along with your favorite game show or rate the american idol contestants in more detail. a 2nd screen also can provide extended data. e.g. a transcript of the show in case you wanted to check something that was said earlier, to get more data, or a different visual that doesn't lend itself to the big screen. how about a chat room of your friends that are currently watching the same show. i'm assuming people are working on standards for stuff like this?