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DesktopWeb FormText   MCE dev center needs some workSun, 12 Mar 2006 14:57:18 GMT # 

writing this in response to Matt Goyers post Programming for 360 MCX, in which he asks why the article currently has a 3 out of 9 rating. first, i think the MCE team might be a bit end user focused. the url for the article begins with 'msdn.' ... meaning developer target audience. developers like code, and text/pictures is just icing. put a code download on there and your rating would go up. second, you guys need some step by step articles to get people started. the articles you do have are by Stephen Toub (who rocks), but they are advanced. for the beginners, it just points them to the SDK, which is kind of all over the board. how about some step by step articles that start from 0 and went to an AddIn displaying a dialog on the XBox 360. and do the same thing for Hosted HTML. i know there are some blog posts out there that do this, but they don't go to the 360 and they are a bit dated. here's a newsgroup post of a developer asking for just that : Noob Questions, help me start!. would really like to help the guy out, but writing 'hello world' articles sounds a bit like work to me ... and it seems the mce dev center should be providing this info already