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DesktopWeb FormText   UMPC nowMon, 13 Mar 2006 02:24:38 GMT # 

excited about UMPC now, but more excited about the future. because there are some stuff that sucks right now. 2 to 3 hour battery life ... ouch! there will definitely be a charging dock on my coffee table and in the car. come on fuel cells? flash drives being incorporated into PCs will be a good thing too. need some models with smaller sizes, but that sounds like the intended goal. initial price points needs to be driven down too, but that also sounds like a goal. at least the current price seems like it will be much better than what OQO/Motion Computing offer. XP ... an upgrade path to Vista needs to be made clear. i'm assuming its just a USB CD-ROM and a Vista CD? anyway, those are my problems with V1, which i dont consider insurmountable. and i'm assuming there are other V1 models that we haven't even seen yet? aside, i hope this brings back more full size state Tablet PCs ... slate is the way to go! the convertible guys need to stop sucking on the keyboard tit