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DesktopWeb FormText   vertical mouseWed, 15 Mar 2006 03:56:57 GMT # 

it does not look like there is a decent trackball in the market to replace the MS trackball explorer. since a horizontal mouse is not a healty option (for me), i'm going to have to look for an alternative. Evoluent's Vertical Mouse 2 is the first candidate. there aren't too many vertical mice to choose from, but i picked this one because of the # of buttons and the scroll wheel.

searching also turned up vertical keyboards. if i wasn't so sold on notebooks, then i'd definitely give one of those a try. used to love the MS natural keyboards. wish that notebooks would start offering the slightly curved keyboard layout. the 17 inch notebooks have the room to pull this off. currently, i make sure my notebooks have full sized keys and that the home keys are mostly centered. absolutely hate when they put the numberpad to the right and shift everything else to the left. notebook manufacturers NEED to make this an option, because we spend most of our time interfacing with the notebook through the keyboard. they are always looking for an upsell ... and i would pay it

at least the touch typing interface on origami looks promising. looks like it will let me hold my elbows in a comfortable position (out wide), instead of hugged in real close to the body