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DesktopWeb FormText   MS Wireless Laser Mouse 6000Wed, 22 Mar 2006 06:37:59 GMT # 

so i already gave up on the vertical mouse. the main problem is that i use my notebook on non-optimal surfaces, and it was just a pain to move around. now the MS laser mouse is a candidate ... because of (in order of importance) : ergonomic cut, back/forward buttons, 4-way scroll, magnifier, and wireless. this will be my 1st time with 4-way scroll, so i'll see if it is useful. can already imagine using it for scrolling long lines of code. never had a magnifier button either. but my 1st complaint is why does it want me to restart after installing IntellPoint? come on Vista! my 2nd complaint is why do i have to connect a receiver to my notebook ... shouldn't these just be built-in to computers by now? wasn't bluetooth going to take care of that? don't think there are any bluetooth laser mice? at least offer a small profile notebook card that is mostly hidden away. the USB dongles are no good, because they stick out too far. maybe notebook manufacturers should start providing insets for these USB keys. finally, a feature request, bring back the evil red glow!

still living in a dream world, but think of a wireless MS Trackball Explorer with 4-way scroll and magnifier. that would kick so much ass.

er, um ... and my server was taken offline by the newphews.