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DesktopWeb FormText   .NET on the 360 brainstormWed, 22 Mar 2006 06:44:49 GMT # 

did a brainstorm last week when the rumors started flying. this is that dump :

is it Managed DirectX, MD3DM, or something else? MD3DM doesn't have shader support ... so i haven't learned it yet. haven't the DirectX libs been deprecated like mad? XInput would be in, probably Live for networking, what else? is this C# or just managed C++? is this the full framework, compact framework, or something else on the 360? i dont like apps that are written once to run anywhere. like common codebases that expose UIs tailored for each device. but what about games, will they scale better than apps? e.g. GeoWars could possibly scale from small to large. e.g. Bejeweled actual game play area only takes up part of the screen, a mobile device should use that more wisely. mobile devices. Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones. dont think Smartphones have the power yet. Pocket PC with GPU would be sweet. what about portable XBox 360 rumors! UMPC devices with GPU? input? wireless X360 controllers on PC? portable 360 would excel in this department. reduced to pen gaming otherwise? homebrew. would guess not likely. certification process is likely. deployment through live/DVD/memory units with Datel cord. deploy from PC? target. casual games makes the most sense. what about large games? what about apps? e.g. home automation. is DirectTV going to get a blade on the 360? dev. could develop on PC and test on 360. an actual 360 dev kit probably not necessary. community. XBox Developer Community is closed to loser like me. but they did open the skirt a little for gamertags. all server side, not on the box. MCE. MCE could leverage .NET for rendering directly on 360. wouldn't get lag from remote display. does this lead to WPF rendering on the box? that would kill MCML. does xbox live fit in with this? gamertag/score/acheivements. do they flow. can i get an acheivement on mobile while traveling and have it count ... or is mini GeoWars a diff game. also, if i kick ass on Zuma using a mouse on a PC, does that flow? or is it cheating. does the game skill vary when using a mouse on PC, maybe it forces you to use a wireless 360 controller. there is the whole windows live crap now, maybe this is part of it. live everywhere. application achievements. 20 points for saving 10 word documents. lol. or your 'dev score', you just created 10 hello world applications ... 15 points [Travis's ideas :)]. the problem is console guys don't like to share their boxes. so i'll most likely be shut out. but i think there is a chance that homebrew could be let in if they leveraged Code Access Security. you could lock down a managed app to have very few permissions in the XBox environment. or they could just provide a homebrew switch. will let you do homebrew, but your warranty is void and you're on your own. that'd be sweet. instead of this invitation only BS.