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DesktopWeb FormText   don't trust meThu, 23 Mar 2006 16:42:09 GMT # 

Atheists identified as America’s most distrusted minority, according to new U of M study.

america would even trust me more if i were to take it up the ass. the problem is 'freedom of religion' should be 'freedom to lack religion'. and how does lacking religion doesn't automatically make you evil. you wouldn't believe the # of people that thought i believed in the devil because i was an atheist. too funny. the problem is people can't understand the concept of being good as an end in itself, they only understand being good as an ends to heaven. and how does religion make you trustworthy? ... (cough) e.g. the president. why is independent thought so hard for the US? anyway, i think religion will take some big hits in the future. for example, getting rid of the fear of death.