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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : hardware curseSat, 01 Apr 2006 01:41:09 GMT # 

don't believe in luck (good or bad), but i've got an innate ability to break things. this was a good trait to have when i played football (as long as i was on your team). but it sucks for the different hardware i own. it's not like i'm rough on the hardware ... just everyday use. yesterday, the hardware i was using for work stopped booting. what's really bad about this is i was being extra careful with it ... and it still stopped on me. and each month for the last 3 months i've had different headsets fail on me. just got my 4th headset for 2006 last week. then my trackball broke last month. i'm still trying to find a suitable replacement for it. the first MS laser mouse i bought was a dud (bad tilt wheel). and one of my USB keys stopped working 2 months ago ... no clue how i managed to break it? you know how they say the average CE device failure rate is about 3% ... i consider that a low percentage from personal experience. it seems that i also have a knack for purchasing defective products. constantly having to return stuff that doesn't work. extended warranties ... i buy them, almost always ... and i use them alot. my 2 year notebook is so beat up! need Vista Beta2 to provide an excuse to get a new notebook and then ship this one off for repair. oh yeah, one of my XBox 360 controllers is starting to wear out. and it's never worked as expected with a play and charge kit. but when i do find a product that just keeps reliably working ... it makes me ridiculously loyal to that brand.