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DesktopWeb FormText   how to become an MVPTue, 04 Apr 2006 23:08:49 GMT # 

i might have a unique perspective having seen 3 different groups now. the main thing is to contribute to the community. haven't been around that long, but it used to be mainly through newsgroup participation. since then, it's been opened up (e.g. i don't newsgroup that much). now you can get in through a # of different means : forums, blogs, user groups, author, web casts, etc... you can do this as either a developer or supporting end users. my niche is to try and provide mid to advanced developer articles with code. but the main thing is to help build/support the community. if you are a total stud and know everything about a technology, but don't share ... then you won't be an MVP. but it's not just about quantity, quality also matters. i've seen some MVPs that answer a TON of basic questions, and others that contribute less but take on harder problems. but that still doesn't mean you will get in ... because your contributions have to be noticed (i.e. there were a couple of years where i thought that i had a chance, but didn't get in). and this is just one instance of where each group is entirely different. i've seen groups where the product groups handle it. another group asked the existing MVPs who they thought deserved it. and another group was entirely silent on the matter ... i have no clue what they did? and if you are contributing, then your name will eventually come up. but getting your foot in the door is definitely the hardest part. once in, you can definitely be dropped, but it seems easier to get renewed.