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DesktopWeb FormText   don't muck up XBox 360 achievementsWed, 05 Apr 2006 01:24:53 GMT # 

i've earned achievements in 3 different XBox 360 games now, and not received the achievement(s). the most frustrating one was geometry wars. earned the 250K survival and 250K high score on the same run, and it didn't save the achievement because it said i wasn't signed in. the odd thing is i really was signed in, but it didn't transfer over to the game somehow? nor did GeoWars give me the chance to sign in once it found out i wasn't. forget what the other game was, but it didn't give me the achievement because i was traveling with the XBox and didn't have it hooked up to an internet connection. the game really should have cached that i got the achievement and then pushed it up to XBox live once i got back home. also started playing PDZ this weekend, and it's even worse. first, it has problems figuring out that i'm signed in when it firsts starts up. this seems to be caused by having multiple controllers. second, it seems to get the stats right, but doesn't save them correctly. checking the forums, there are tons of posts regarding this. anyway, these have been my most negative experience with the XBox 360. it really pisses me off. this is even more frustrating than the couple times my 360 has locked, and the couple gameplay bugs i've run across. so my hope is that MS and game developers put more quality checks in for handling of achievements.