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DesktopWeb FormText   speech server announcementWed, 05 Apr 2006 22:41:03 GMT # 

[via Sprague's Weblog] the introduction of VoiceXml is boring to me. wrote an ASP.NET + VXML article 4.5 years ago (/vxml). just think of it like ASP.NET server controls being able to render HTML or WML depending on the device. if you can learn SALT or VoiceXML, then you can easily learn the other. the line about introducing a powerful API for low level access to core Speech Server funtionalities ... now that sounds hot! native VOIP support is hot too. if that means i can run Speech Server on my own server and make a VOIP call into it without having to put the server on the PSTN ... then that makes the technology more available to me. i'm assuming this means a telephony board would not be required either? all the business intelligence stuff looks cool too, but would be lost on me. plus Richard mentions improved reco accuracy ... which is incredible because i was already impressed by the last version.

that is the good news ... but what does the press release fail to mention ... multimodal! is multimodal dead? if not, then when does IE (and Pocket IE) have a SALT/VXML browser built-in? also cant wait for them to release some more language packs