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DesktopWeb FormText   the god who wasnt thereSat, 15 Apr 2006 19:27:42 GMT # 

this is a great documentary for an atheist audience. me watching it is like a creationist watching Dr. Dino. while when i watch Dr. Dino, it makes great comedy. but if creationists were to watch 'the god who wasn't there', then i doubt they would be laughing. anyway, i certainly learned some more things about jesus. it was only an hour, but the extra commentary is also an hour, and is worth watching.

anyway, it was more along the lines of what i think national geographics 'science of the bible' series should be like. more skeptical. but 'science of the bible' tries to play to both audiences. too often it follows the pattern of saying the literal bible is not likely (or impossible), but then they provide some alternate (but similar) explanation. give the believers just enough to keep on believing, and keep the skeptics skeptical. e.g. one of the last episodes i saw tried to explain moses parting the red sea. some of the ideas were tsunamis, magma flow, and wind. serious, the wind guy had a leaf blower ... it was absolutely ridiculous. if i would have been there in person i would have had to slap the guy. national geographic shows are generally much more skeptical when it comes to non-religous subjects. i know the political climate we live in ... but give me a break.