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file my own taxes. which i often question whether this a good idea or not. the thought was that i should do my own business taxes for the first years so that it would force me to learn a bit about them. to that end ... it has worked. little by little, it has made me change my spending habits, usage of cash vs debit cards, keep receipts and records, log work activity, retirement, etc... but now i'm getting to the point where i'm ready to get an accountant to do all this crap. the complexity is absolutely ridiculous. another complaint has to do with health insurance. as a business owner i can write that off 100%. but i can't write off preventative solutions like a gym membership or supplements. with the fattening of america, this needs to change. but the biggest mismatch is i don't have a desire to spend money. i don't like owning 'stuff'. but the tax laws basically force me to buy more 'stuff' so i can deduct it. oh well ... guess i need to go find some more stuff to 'want'