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DesktopWeb FormText   DirectShow hurdlesThu, 20 Apr 2006 05:43:24 GMT # 

back to kicking around DirectShow. got video to work fine with my dual TV tuner. can find an available tuner if MCE is already using one. it's definitely tricky trying to find an available tuner without messing up a tuner that is already in use. DirectShow definitely needs to be updated to make this easier. right now you have to attempt to use the graph, and run it ... if it doesn't exception, then it's not in use. er, um ... 'exception logic' is crap! MCE could play nicer too. if my app is using a tuner and then MCE needs a tuner, MCE just stomps all over my apps settings. this happens with 2 different brands of MCE USB tuners. i'd prefer if MCE would share tuners better, or if the tuner drivers handled this. speaking of drivers ... i've got problems there too. can't get my dual tuner to play audio ... video only. but if i switch over to the single USB tuner that i've got, its audio works great. really, both of the USB tuners i have are branded as MCE tuners ... you'd think they'd have better drivers ... at least that is what i thought :(