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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : bodybuildingSat, 22 Apr 2006 03:41:27 GMT # 

going to change my workouts significantly. instead of doing a powerlifting workout, i'm going to do more of a bodybuilding style. concentrating on size vs strength. hopefully this will result in a reduction of injuries. i've tried to do bodybuilding workouts a couple of times now ... and failed each time. i always slip back into powerlifting, so this will be just as much of a mental challenge as it is physical. will just have to keep in mind that i don't need to hurt myself. physically, bodybuilding workouts are radically different than powerlifting. i'll have to pay more attention to form and flexing. mental energy for concentration has to be high. also, i'll have to increase the # of reps and sets that i do. but i can't reduce the weight too much, or it won't force any growth. then, the workouts will focus more on individual body parts and hitting them at diff angles instead of just major muscle groups. the end result is that i could get bigger than ever, but not be as strong as i've ever been. that's a common misconception, size doesn't mean strength and strength doesn't mean size. and i've learned a # of things since my last run : 1) i've overtrained for most of my life 2) haven't been getting enough protein 3) my frame can carry more weight 4) don't heal like i used to

my last 'brawn' post recorded my current strength assessment. but strength is secondary for this routine. so i've also taken some horrid 'before' pictures (damn i'm ugly). also took body part measurements (definitely the gayest thing i've ever done). but this'll give me some objective numbers to compare against