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DesktopWeb FormText   down on booksSun, 23 Apr 2006 14:42:31 GMT # 

one of the really surprising thing from last years budget reports was the significant drop in money i spent on books. in 02 i spent $1500, $3000 in 03, $2000 in 04, and only $1000 in 05. and up to now for this year ... $25 ... and those were tax prep books. 03 was a spike because i didn't work much that year. and 05 is down some because i worked all the time. but it's more than just that. for one, the books that the stores carry just don't do it for me anymore. i still go to barnes and noble frequently, but its usually just to get out of the house and/or to grab some coffee. i always browse the computer books, but very few books have been jumping out at me. it's like i've gone too niche and people rarely write niche books, because who's going to buy them? another thing is that i seem to have reached some critical mass for niche technologies. generally like to concentrate on some technology, beat it up, then move on to something else. then i just keep an eye on the previous technologies to see what changes. now that i've touched so many APIs and stuff is constantly being updated, it becomes a significant time synch just to keep up with those APIs. which seems to be taking away the most time from book reading. anyway, i need to make it a point to read more books about technologies i don't know.