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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : supplementsMon, 01 May 2006 16:21:09 GMT # 

the pic below is my supplement counter for this cycle. it's been empty for the last 4 months i've been recovering. but this is what it looks like fully stocked. i don't take all of these on the same day, some of them them won't be used until next cycle, or until i get back into better shape. and i usually only take half the suggested amount, so most of these will last me about 2 months. but this is what the supplement routine looks like at its peak. i don't take any of the performance enhancing supplements on off days :

morning : egg protein in morning with added glutamine powder. animal pak multivitamins. joint care.
after lunch : protein blend. aminos.
before workout : cell-tech with additional creatine. endothil-cr. joint care.
after workout : cell-tech with additional creatine. whey protein. aminos.
before bed : casein protein with additional glutamine. zma. joint care.

this cycle's experiements are cell-tech, and endothil-cr. cell-tech is more expensive than i'd like, but the no-explode/cell mass combo didn't seem to do much for me. endothil-cr is more interesting (also expensive). but the most interesting part is that it forces me to switch up my workout routine. which introduces another variable ... is it really the supplement or is it the workout change? it's probably the workout change, but spending the money sort of forces me to change up the workout. anyway, i'm giving it a shot