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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : death by iPodSat, 06 May 2006 15:44:09 GMT # 

[this actually happened a couple weeks ago, and i'm only posting because i see that the portable mp3 market is set for more growth] iPods are popular at gyms. but i generally dislike them. ok, let me clarify, i dislike the people wearing the iPods. the problem is i have to periodically ask people to spot me on certain lifts ... for safety. and when i ask an iPod person, they generally act annoyed that they have to take out their earphones. of course they don't act annoyed when they come and ask me for a spot ...

i'm not a spotter hog, i only ask when i really think i'm going to need one. so i was bench pressing the other day and had gone through a couple of good sets. wasn't doing alot of weight, so i didn't have a spotter. but on my 4th set my arms just gave out (instantly). tried to get the weight racked, but couldn't quite make it, so i slowly lowered it down to my chest ... and then i was pinned. argh ... haven't been pinned in years. there was no chance of being crushed and i could have rolled it to the side and squirmed out if necessary; so mostly i just looked like an idiot. so i say 'help' ... nobody comes. look to the left and see a guy. say 'Help'. still no reaction, because he can't hear me ... iPod boy. turn to the right, another guy. 'Help'. no reaction ... another iPod. crap. look behind me and a girl (100 lbs max) is walking by. 'Help'. no iPod, so she hears me and gets one of the iPod guys and they both help me rack the weight. absolutely embarrassing :(