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DesktopWeb FormText   xbox E3 wish listSun, 07 May 2006 18:39:05 GMT # 

(in no particular order)

Media :
more codecs (e.g. DivX/XviD)
more movie trailers
more music videos
video sharing from non-MCE PCs
MCE/media related gamer pics
more details about DirecTV partnership
MCE keyboard compatibility
ability to play sound effects from 3rd party MCE apps
a remote that uses same wireless protocol as wireless controllers
ability to play more than 100 audio tracks in game

Hardware :
bigger harddrive
wireless arcade stick
competitor to Wii's remote controller
announce more certified wireless devices
announce future 802.11n wireless adapter
HomePlug networking compatibility
ability for HD-DVD to be used for games
portable XBox in works
dongle for wireless controllers on a PC
fully wireless headsets
better quality headsets

Marketplace :
demos for every game
trailers for every game (including arcade)
shorter duration between arcade releases
background downloading
ability to queue downloads for later
more ways to sort/filter content
ability to buy gamer points from
dashboard preview for themes / gamer pics
dont put demo arcade games in played games list

Developers :
open up XBox developer community
more XNA announcements about managed code

Games :
backwards compat for all platinum hits
more games for kids (for the nephews)
more games that aren't 1st person shooters