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DesktopWeb FormText   media center gamingFri, 12 May 2006 03:32:17 GMT # 

was brainstorming a bit about Live Anywhere. one of the demos that MS showed was mobile, but i think this will also open up gaming for MCE. especially since the xbox 360 wireless controllers will be usable on a PC. hopefully the xbox live button will open up the gaming dashboard on a PC. live anywhere will add friends, marketplace, arcade, etc... this might compel me to bring the MCE machine back into the living room. MCE with live anywhere could easily be a great platform for casual gamers, and if live anywhere is complete then it could possibly be a competitor for the hardcore gamers

and i'm dying to find out if the HD-DVD can be used on a PC ... especially MCE. then MCE could handle playback with the remote. that would probably be the tipping point for me to purchase one. that, or if it has some way to handle HDCP ...

one interesting vid i saw showed dual 360 vision cameras being used for gesture reco including depth perception. doubt anybody will push that feature into a game just because its not likely for consumers to purchase 2 cameras ... but it is cool