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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : pat robertson 2K leg pressSat, 27 May 2006 15:12:28 GMT # 

Bill Ryan pointed me to this article : (Pat) Robertson Says He Leg-Pressed 2,000 Pounds. as a muscle-head ... i know a bit about leg press. first, there is a video of him attempting "1000" pounds ... but it's not really 1000 lbs ... because people suck at math. 12 45 lb plates, 4 100 lb plates, and a 40-45 lb sled does not add up to 1000. but since he's an old man ... we'll round up. in the powerlifting world ... you don't. alot of powerlifters don't count the sled because they vary so much by weight. second, he's on a medium difficulty leg press machine. the leg presses that pivot are easier, and there is another kind that is more difficult. on a pivot machine, i (rough) estimate being able to do about 25% more than on the kind he is on. third, his feet are in the easy position. in the video, the news lady has her feet on the lower part of the sled ... much harder. fourth, his form sucks. he hardly lowers the sled at all and he is using his arms to push on his knees. er, um ... that is cheating. you can do alot more weight when you cheat and don't go through the full range of motion. a personal trainer wouldn't count any of those as a real lift. anyway, if he was at my gym, i'd tell him to lower the weight and do (alot) better form. he'd get more out of it.

but the video was of 1000 pounds ... what about 2000. too bad there is only an article about that lift. it says that the leg press machine was loaded with 2000 lbs. this is challenging, because its hard to find a leg press to hold that much. alot of leg presses only hold about 1000 lbs. if you want more, then you have to rest an olympic bar on the sled. the problem is standard olympic bars will have problems with 1000 lbs, they start to bend at 400 and could break at 1000. its a good idea to get a special olympic bar to hold more when you get around 700+. so he could have also set dumbbells on the sled too ... and possibly got to 2000. the picture actually kind of looks like this is what's being done. finally, you can ask people to sit on top of the sled ... preferrably hot chicks. anyway, i've been to alot of gyms and have never seen that much loaded on a sled before. the monsters that i've seen usually load it up to about 1250 and then do more reps ... with decent form. the other part is that the spotters lowered "it (sled) down on Mr. Robertson". er, um ... if you can't lower it yourself ... then you're not going to be able to lift it. i have never seen anybody do a leg press like that. spotters usually help you lift the weight ... not lower it. maybe they lowered it down to the first safety stop and he pushed from there? lame. next, his form was already horrible on 1000 lbs. if you have crappy form to begin with, it's only going to get worse as you add more weight. maybe he only lowered it about an inch and then pushed it back up. finally, we already know he can't add.

from the ridiculous amounts of times i've spent at gyms, i've seen 1000+ leg presses multiple times. probably 10 to 20 different people over 15 years of lifting. i've never seen anybody do over 1500 lbs. my personal best on a sled is about 1250 lbs ... lowering my knees to touch my chest and without putting my hands on my knees. on a pivot sled, i've done the same (with more reps). the problem with pivot sleds is you can do more weight, but its even harder to add extra weight to them. when i did the 1250 on a regular sled ... it was tough. that's alot of pressure on the body, and i actually blew out a blood vessel in my eye, so my whole eye was red. and when you do good form, it puts alot of strain on your low back. er, um ... so i never tried to do more. could i do 2000 lbs with the same bad form he is doing 1000 lbs in the video? i've never tried ... but probably. i would guess that at least 3 different people at my small gym could. but to what end? anyway, from the video, we know that Robertson can do 1000 lbs with horrible form. that is great for an old man, but you have to be skeptical about the 2000 lb mark. of course, if you are watching the 700 Club ... then you are not skeptical ...