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DesktopWeb FormText   comment spammedSun, 28 May 2006 22:28:44 GMT # 

the site has been getting hit with comment spam lately. this is odd, because i have a custom comments engine. so somebody is either doing it manually or they actually wrote code to automate it. based on the data, it looks like at least part of it was automated. how flattering. somebody felt my site was popular enough to warrant spam ... er, um ... it's not. it looks like the automated spam begain 1/14/06 ... the day after the /mceDivX360 article. hmm ... that article got more links than any other i've written. anyway, that article was only popular for about a month ... it's no longer cool.

so my blogs first line of defense was to use a different engine and not be popular. that worked great for 2 years ... but now what? i'm still anti-CAPTCHA. instead, i've opted for moderation. comments will still show up instantly, but i can then use another page to delete the crap later on. that'll let me delete the manual posts. but that doesn't keep them from hammering me with automated posts. to help with that i've made some other simple changes that should break their current tool. if they fix it, then i can easily break it more ...