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DesktopWeb FormText   migrating to 2.0Mon, 29 May 2006 19:55:34 GMT # 

pretty lame ... i just now moved my web server to run ASP.NET 2.0. reason being is that my TreeView menu broke for no appearant reason. for the last couple weeks it has taken at least 10 seconds for the TreeView to load. er, um ... i have absolutely no clue why this started happening? checked event logs, looked at Fiddler traces ... everything looked fine. nor had i made any recent changes to my server ... it just magically broke. had to be fixed, so i figured i might as well make the jump to 2.0. the first hurdle was the new way VS 2005 handles ASP.NET projects. what a bunch of crap! so i switched over to the new web application project and that worked better. the next problem was that my TreeView is the old school 1.0 MS WebControl ... meaning no longer supported. the code is public, so i bumped that up to 2.0 and extended it a little ... but it still loaded slow. darnit, had to break it more and move to the 2.0 TreeView. the problem here is that the schema is different and i had already extended it. so it took a little time to move to the new schema, and cut out some of the functionality. it's loading a little faster now, but still slower than it used to.

what i really need to do is overhaul my entire server. need to get new hardware, host it on a diff connection, refresh the OS, and scrub the site a little. the problem is that my website is entirely custom and is on its 3rd major revision. it's a pain to carry forward all the custom functionality to each new version. and the real problem is i only care about the website when i'm off contract.