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DesktopWeb FormText   article recapThu, 01 Jun 2006 20:25:37 GMT # 

about every 6 months, i try to look back at what happened with my articles to get an idea of market trends. i base alot of this from emails that i receive, links, etc... anyway, it's interesting to me :)

/mceDivX360 got the most links in the quickest amount of time. it was super hot for about 2 weeks, then slowly died down. now it has totally been surpassed by Transcode 360, and doesn't get anymore love.

the set of /mce* articles are getting more usage now. so MCE dev might be becoming more popular. i think this is partly due to XBox 360, Vista, and the new dev paradigms we'll be getting. just today, i had a really interesting email conversation about the last /mceDirectShow article and battling for TV Tuner resources.

the /*WorldWind articles get a decent # of questions. i get about an equal # of emails for WorldWind on the PPC and VirtualEarth for WW.

the articles that are game and 3D related get more questions that expected. it seems that more people are looking at 3D as a visualization technique for their own applications. i blame this on Vista. on the mobile side, we're going to need some devices with better drivers for MD3DM to take off. Live Anywhere should help

some of the old school articles just won't die. /aiCaptcha now gets at least one email every couple weeks asking to break some CAPTCHA ... usually TicketMaster. /ttSpeech and /noReco seem to be favorites for graduate students. /barCode still gets alot of questions.

but what has gone cold? the WS-* articles hardly get any questions. there are some random questions about /cfWSE2 .... but only a few. blame this on WCF. the only Tablet article that gets any emails is about exporting journal notes to SVG ... and that is usually just to say Thanks. blame this on a lack of Tablet SDK enhancements. finally, the only CF article that is still in use is /cfAES, for additional crypto algorithms.