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DesktopWeb FormText   dead alice botMon, 05 Jun 2006 00:53:41 GMT # 

not running the Alice bot anymore, for a # of reasons. first, there were problems with the AIML implementation it was using. was crashing and using more resources than i wanted. and a bot needs to be bulletproof. second, the novelty of generic chat bots wears off real quick. third, i came up with a new idea for a bot.

the problem with my new idea is i searched around and found out it had already been done. crap! i hate it when i come up with an origanal idea just to find out that somebody beat me to it. usually i would toss out the idea altogether, but i'm going to stick with this one. not to be an ass ... but i'm going to do it better. er, um ... yep, that made me sound like an ass. there actually are a # of things that i can do to improve upon the idea. also, have some stupid dev tricks i can pull out to differentiate. proving the dev model is actually what is driving the effort, and the idea just happens to be a really good fit to flesh it out.

been porting over some old C code to C# for the new bot. got it to build real quick, but it's a pain to get every little thing just right. the string comparison operations were just a little off, C can do some invalid array options, plus other lib calls that don't readily exist in C#. having to find those bugs during run time ... suck. also, trying to un-C it. turning integer flags into booleans, getting rid of the 'goto' statements, etc...