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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : updateTue, 06 Jun 2006 23:00:26 GMT # 

so i ended the last cycle a couple weeks ago. the main goal was to gain size. well ... the arms grew like mad. added 1.5 inches while flexed, .75 relaxed. now my arm barely fits into public blood pressure monitors (have to force it). this is still just mass though, haven't begun to develop a peak, so they've got room to grow. chest and back grew a little, but not much. the bad part is my legs only grew an inch. er, um ... they should have at least kept pace with the arms. also, since i added most of the muscle to the upper body, it didn't really help cut fat around the midsection. surprisingly, i was actually gaining strength on the bodybuilding workout. wasn't getting as strong as from powerlifting, but the weights were slowly going up ... and my joints kept up (i.e. no injuries!). supplement-wise, Endothil-CR did not seem to do much for me. because of the cost, i doubt i'll take it again anytime soon. i did like Cell-Tech though. but it's rather expensive too, so i'll probably try a different pre/post-workout drink next cycle.

now i'm taking some time to regain some balance, because i'm too freakin top heavy. first, i've been doing more cardio, including jogging to lose some fat around the midsection. the additional upper body mass is helping a little with this. also slightly reducing calories. bodyweight got up to 260 at the end of last cycle (+15), and in the last couple weeks i've cut back to 250. would like to drop another 10 before i start building again. second, i've been doing mostly leg workouts. have to get some meat back on the legs so they don't look silly compared to my arms. couple more weeks of this will give me a better base, and then i will get back to trying to grow. now i need to figure out what the next supplement order will be ...