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DesktopWeb FormText   there will NOT be an update to /veWorldWindSat, 10 Jun 2006 20:06:17 GMT # 

here's my quote from the /veWorldWind article : "i think we should wait a bit before starting (v2) ... to see what Microsoft's reaction is, because none of this uses supported VE APIs". well ... they reacted : 1) MS legal asked VVE to remove the article from their site. 2) if you check the edits on WorldWindCentral page for the VE plugin, you will see that a link to the license has been added, and some bold text stating that it can't be used for commercial purposes. er, um ... you would think that somebody from MS would have contact me ... they haven't

this pisses me off ... because i asked for permission (multiple times). NASA had informal permission to begin with (i have the email thread), and i made sure NASA knew i was making the plugin. i would not have written it otherwise. also, i entered it into an MS contest, and told the judges beforehand. finally, i wrote the VE product team to let them know what i was doing, to get additional permission, and to ask how they wanted me to implement certain features ... they never wrote back

it's rumored that the conversations have mentioned 'illegal reverse engineering'. the plugin admittedly does not use the VE SDK and goes directly against the tile servers. other applications that do this include Winforms Earth and Virtual Earth Mobile. there are others. i don't see any of those programs getting pulled ...

so ... here is my reaction. i am immediately stopping work on v2 of the plugin. had already fixed a # of bugs, including improved performance, and i was in the process of adding MSR MapCruncher integration (very cool). finally, i will stop writing dev articles which promote MS location-based products. this cancels a # of articles that i had planned for this year, because i was actually thinking about trying to become a VE MVP next year. forget that

still can't believe that i haven't been contacted ... that's bad form