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DesktopWeb FormText   text adventure bot usabilityWed, 14 Jun 2006 02:29:45 GMT # 

got to test the bot out on Chad's PPC phone edition. it was usable, but i saw some issues. mainly, its using alot of carriage returns, so you have to scroll back up to read all of the text (annoying). so i should make it less carriage return heavy. and sometimes the game engine repeats messages, which becomes a problem on small screens. the code i ported has the same bug. i definitely want to get it working better on devices with MSN mobile.

another target is desktop MSN. this provides more viewing area and the activity window can provide help.

another target is UMPC/Tablet. this would be using a VOIP application to interact with it, and then having journal open to take notes about the map, items, etc... really, this things are way too hard to beat without notes. but i think VOIP and a note application might be a good experience.

can also be played voice only on a phone. realistically, you're going to need a bad ass memory to pull this off. because there would be alot of things to keep in your head at a time.

finally, i need to attempt playing it using MSN on a Media Center Edition PC with the remote keyboard.