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DesktopWeb FormText   buying a QSun, 18 Jun 2006 17:50:41 GMT # 

need a new phone, because i've been mostly disconnected for the last year. going with Verizon because they are the only provider with 3G in my area (Sprint is getting close). getting the Q, because i haven't had a Smartphone for a while; so i need more time with its interface. really upset it doesn't have AKU2, but i'm sick of waiting.

went to go buy it in-store, and found out they could not transfer my out of state #. WTF? honestly, i don't know if this is a limitation just for Verizon, or all providers. but i can't beleive they don't support this. didn't they expect people to move and still want to keep their same #? i really want area codes to drop the area part. phone numbers should be unique id's, and that's it.

then i found out that i could transfer my # online only. so i went to first, i kept getting validation errors because it won't let me transfer the # with my local address info (same as the store). so i have to use my parents address in TX, and will have to change the address later. then, i get a validation error because my contact # is the same # i'm trying to transfer. so they don't support somebody transferring their only phone # ... stupid.

next, i get them to accept my order, and then it asks for my driver license and SS#? er, um ... i'm just buying a phone. i don't remember having to do this before ... is this some homeland security crap?

finally, the order is being processed and their website goes to hell. they are popping up some control to display a moving progress bar, and the IE7 beta won't have it. accept the control and it still doesn't take. so i never get a web-based confirmation of the order. but a couple minutes later i get the email confirmation ... so i guess it worked?

never had Verizon as a provider ... and my 1st impression is not good. their service better rock. this'll give me a proper device (and connection) to test out bots with MSN mobile.