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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : supplement orderSun, 18 Jun 2006 22:15:01 GMT # 

about to start another round of intense workouts, so i had to make a big supplement order to support it. my experiment this time is to go animal stack/pak crazy! getting back on the animal stak multivitamins ... which i swear by. instead of a regular joint pill, i'm going to try the new animal flex pak. also replacing my normal routine of pre/post workout drinks ... since i haven't been too happy with the last ones i've tried. for pre-workout, i'm going to try the m-stak. post-workout will be the animal nitro pak. will wash those down with plain ol creatine and water. and after this cycle, i'm gonna go through a pak of animal cuts. told you ... pak crazy! also going to try some different protein drinks. a new egg protein in the morning, a new blend in the afternoon, and will try muscle milk before bed. just hope they mix easily; can't stand it when protein is hard to mix. now i have to figure out what the new workout schedule will be. already know it's going to be mostly legs ... which is going to suck! it's tough making it to the gym on leg days, unless you're a masochist