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/speechTextAdv is about using Micrsoft Speech Server 2007 (currently in private beta) to develop a text adventure game which can be played using speech. the articles focus is on the new workflow model and managed API for developing speech applications. it then discusses an IM-to-Speech bridge which i prototyped for exposing the same application to text-based instant messaging. so it used the same codebase to make the game playable with your voice or text. the concept was that sometimes it is more convenient to use speech (while moving), while other times it might be more conveinent to use text (in a loud environment).

this forms the basis for my Robot Invaders contest entry. started down this path because i thought the bot SDKs were a bit lacking in tool support. but Speech Server has great tools for developing dialog based applications. so the idea was to use the tool support from Speech Server to develop the app, and then use a bot SDK to bridge the app over to MSN Messenger. NOTE this was successfully prototyped, but it is currently deployed differently.

the text adventure game is playable over MSN Messenger. the speech UI of the game is not currently deployed