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DesktopWeb FormText   day one Q impressionsThu, 22 Jun 2006 13:47:18 GMT # 

this is actually my first retail smartphone, the only other smartphone i've had was the original dev kit. i'm not big into phones, but overall, i'm really liking it. compared to the JasJar that i'm coming off of ... it's ridiculously small and intuitive to use. i'm thinking about picking up insurance, because i can easily see forgetting that i'm carrying it at all. it feels relatively solid, but the cover for the extended battery makes it feel cheap. going to switch back to the standard battery and see if that can cut it for my usage. i like the button setup because all but one are on the front face, so i won't be accidently hitting them. the softpad buttons could stand to be a little taller. love that it has a jog dial, but i hope i can configure it to scroll faster. so far i'm not missing a stylus

service-wise, it looks like Verizon is going to cut it. i live in a valley which renders T-Mobile useless, and Sprint just barely passable ... but Verizon is giving me a solid 1 to 2 bars. plus i'm getting EvDO! it's not blazing fast, but it is usable. this'll definitely get me out on the mobile web more. it's just kind of silly that Verizon doesn't include SMS messaging with unlimited data, nor does it look like they even offer an unlimited text messaging option.

for software, i can't believe it doesn't have a text note program. the next rev of the WindowsMobile needs to fix that, or else it looks like OneNote 2007 Mobile will. trying out Smartphone Notes 2.0, and liking it so far, mainly because it syncs with Outlook. finally, i tried out the Wireless Sync software, to sync email from Outlook. hate it! the first time i did the sync, it deleted alot of my Calendar info. so i turned off Calendar sync, but it was still attempting to sync it afterwards? also, i don't like that it pushes my email up to another server to then make its way to the phone. finally, it wasn't handling Inbox subfolders very well. anyway, that crap has been deleted.

this phone will probably force me to do some more mobile dev. the mobile web interface of bNb could stand to be freshened up. plus, i could see how it handles MD3DM. some initial pictures of barcodes don't look great, but might be usable for image recognition. and the smartphone home screen generator could be refreshed to support this screen size.