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DesktopWeb FormText   bot ideasSat, 24 Jun 2006 05:41:49 GMT # 

some high level categories :

conversational - this will be a one-on-one dialog between you and the bot. all of the current entries are some form of this. some are 'command and control', meaning it has some limited vocab that it's parsing for keywords. the other kind is a 'chat bot', which tries to be more natural and be able to respond to any message.

alert - this bot will initiate the conversation based on some event.

voyeur - this style of bot will be in the background listening to a conversation between a group of humans. it might do helper tasks like logging, defining words, translating l337, etc...

humanless - bots chatting among themselves?

wondering if 'portals' make sense in the bot world? maybe a bot to find and connect me to other bots. e.g. i tell the 411 bot that i'm interested in movie times, and it gives me a list of bots that have movie info, and then initiates that conversation. one bot to rule them all ... and to minimize my friends list. speaking of ... i'd like messenger to auto categorize bots into their own group