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DesktopWeb FormText   couple days with the Q (and bot stuff)Sun, 25 Jun 2006 04:33:39 GMT # 

so i'm still really liking it. been mostly getting reacquainted with the wireless web, and finding out what sites are PIE friendly. it looks like is investing some effort to it ... and they need to. because it's mostly in the same state that it's been for years. there is a small # of useful sites ... but it's pretty thin. either the ASP.NET team or the WindowsMobile team need to make a push to get more PIE friendly sites out there. any clue if Atlas has any way to work with Pocket IE? it could use a better portal too. there are certain sites that make sense when i'm mobile ... and they should just be there, as a feature set for WindowsMobile. at least the whole synch 3 pages deep model can be thrown out now ... that was crap.

the Q has been working reliably, but it drains the battery quickly. there are a couple times where i've ran out of juice when i've been out. it seems to just shut off about 15%. so i need to get more disciplined about charging it whenever possible, and will probably transition to the extended battery, even though the extended cover makes it feel cheap.

been stocking up on new bluetooth devices. got some new headsets, PC adapter, and GPS. been using the stereo headset connected to my notebook, and the quality is better than expected. love that it's wireless. it cuts out every once in a while ... and i can live with that. bluetooth is still a bit tricky, from the last time i played with it. i.e. it's not as easy as setting up wireless controllers for the 360. i like the press some special button on each device pairing model, instead of the passing of a secret pin. and sometimes i have some issues re-pairing a device after i've powered it off. but i just had a 'wow' moment. was listening to mp3s on the notebook and had the phone charging about 10 feet away. then a call came in, the music was auto muted, and i was able to take the call without getting up. ended the call, and the music came back on ... sweet!

been testing the TextAdventure bot with it. had to make some code changes for usability. e.g. MSN Mobile has no activity window. so when somebody asks for the 'Map', nothing happens, which makes it look broken. now i've changed it to also return the url to the map, so that the mobile user can manually open it in Pocket IE. don't know if its possible, but i'd like for the bot SDKs to be able to provide the context for the user and whether they are using MSN Mobile or a desktop client.

oh yeah, i found that MS basically does have a bot SDK. it's the Messenger Add-In API. it's intended purpose seems to be for hosting a bot on your own client. that might be cool, but i think they need to retool it for hosting bots on a server that aren't tied to a particular user account. and these server bots could get extended permissions. really, the 3rd party bot SDKs aren't anything special.