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DesktopWeb FormText   NetGear Powerline HDTue, 11 Jul 2006 22:11:13 GMT # 

picked up a pair of HDX101 to get a wired connection to my Media Center. previously i had tried the XE104, but they would not connect to the XBox 360. but these are working out of the box. i don't actually have any HD content to test with, but standard def is working great so far, even over a powerstrip. Skype, and everything else seems to work fine too. one unexpected difference from the XE104, is that these only have 1 jack, while the XE104 had 4. this isn't a big deal for my current usage. one bad thing is that the HDX101s are not compatible with XE104. they can exist on the same network, but they just can't communicate with each other, unless going through a router first. so it'd be better to have them all be the same kind. if these continue to perform good, then i'll probably pick up another pair. right now i'm using these as a stop-gap until the wireless 802.11n standard gets further along.

i actually hope that this just starts getting integrated into powerlines from the beginning. i have to plug my notebook in anyways, so it should just carry the data over that line too.