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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : almost 1/2 markSun, 16 Jul 2006 17:48:11 GMT # 

almost half way through the current lifting cycle. i was supposed to be concentrating on legs right now, but i tore my left hamstring about 3 weeks ago. it was on single leg lunges with 275 on the smith machine. it was my own fault. didn't warm up enough and wasn't stretching properly. at least it was just a muscle tear ... which heals fast (compared to joints). iced it for about 2 weeks, and now i'm starting to re-incorporate leg workouts. still don't know why my left leg has become injury-prone all of a sudden :( upper body is hanging in there. i've got a little pain where my left lats meet my rib, so i'm going to let that rest for a while by laying off weighted abs, lat pulls, and chest flys. but my chest strength is going up. about ready to make 315 on bench for 7 reps. the rest of my upper body seems to be slowly filling out too. bodyweight is around 255 right now. i'm hoping that stays constant while i cut some fat and add lean muscle.

pretty happy with my supplement choices for this round. the proteins are decent, except the universal ones taste pretty bad. for pre-workout, the universal m-stak is decent. had taken the regular (test) stak before, and don't think it did as much. post-workout, the nitro pak is pretty decent. the flex pak is ok, but i'm also taking other joint supplements throughout the day. my joints seem to do better with constant supplementation throughout the day.